Persons eligible to join the JOC

To become a member of the Jumping Owners Club, the applicant must be a owner who owned not less than 50 % of at least 1 horse competing at international level (from 2* to 5*) during the previous year. If one or several of these horses is unable to compete due to illness or injury, their owner(s) will have the right to remain a member of the JOC as long as there is evidence of the owner’s continued commitment to the sport.

When a member ceases to own 100% or a majority % in at least 1 horse which competes in international 2*-5* show jumping competitions, then that member’s membership shall terminate in the following year, unless there is demonstrable evidence that the member intents to remain engaged in the sport. It shall remain in the Committee’s discretion to extend or not his/her/its membership.

Application Process for Membership of the JOC

The applicant will have to follow the steps below:

1. Any person wishing to join the JOC must be recommended by 2 existing members, in writing, to the JOC`s General Secretary (

2. The applicant must also complete the JOC’s membership application form online (see below) or send their application form (available HERE) to the attention of the General Secretary at

3. Each application will be submitted to the JOC’s Committee for approval. In order to keep the spirit and culture of the Club, the Committee is the sole authority to approve or reject any application. The Committee will not be required to provide any explanation for its decision.

4. The applicant will be informed about JOC Committee’s decision by writing.

5. In the event the applicant is accepted as a member of the JOC, he/she/it will be required to pay the annual membership fee of CHF 350 (or USD 350 or € 350 according to his/her currency) for 1 year or CHF 900 for 3 years (or USD 900 or € 900), at the latest 1 month after the payment request, and will be asked to set up a direct debit for ongoing subsequent annual payments related to membership fees.


Membership application form

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